Environmental Compliance
Polygel Industries Pvt. Ltd. is fully committed to protecting the environment and maintaining healthy and safety workplace for all its employees. The Managing Director's Statement of Commitment in Environmental, Health amd Safety has been widely distributed the Organization and is prominently displayed in the Environmental Health & Safety system. This statement is the foundation for the specific policies presented in the EHS System and for the supporting plans, guildlines & work practices.

We have created EHS System that ensures long term success and sustainability in meeting and surpassing its Environmental, Health and Safety Obligations. Each component of the EHS System is designed to work interdependently in an integrated fashion taht continually reinforces teh commmon objective of improving EHS performance.

To ensure the organizational sustainability of the EHS System, all components of the Manangement System such as Policy, Training, Planning, Audits, Inspections etc have been designed and established as forml systems, integrated into on-going operations and monitoring on a regular basis to identify areas for continual improvement. It is these core systematic components that act both independently and cooperatively to form the backbone of the EHS System.

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