Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing :

Polygel Industries has three manufacturing facilities set up across India at Dadra, Taloja (Maharashtra) and Rudrapur (Uttarkhand). Our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped with state of the art technology, having an independent R&D section and Quality control division.

Designed with in-life process monitoring along with control mechanism with the lowest possible manual handling of materials; our manufacturing facilities strictly adhere to ISO 9000 standards as well as Statistical Process Control 7 Kaizen methodologies.

R & D :

Our R&D and testing lab is the heart of the company and very well equipped to Measure / analyze all critical parameters of the products manufactured by us. Besides general lab equipments like pH meter, Air Circulating ovens, Vacuum ovens, hydrometer , Karl Fischer Titrate, Incubators, Flash point Apparatus, ASTM Distillation, Refractrometer, UV Chamber, Furnaces.

Laboratory is equipped with versatile expensive Instruments like Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Compound Microscopes, Digital analytical balance, Minus 60 degree Celsius Refrigerator, Computerized Universal Tensile Strength meter, Million mega ohm meter, Tan delta meter, Dielectric constant meter, Visible / UV spectrophotometer etc.

Laboratory Equipments :

Our Lab is fully equipped with state of the art equipments like Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), GSC, Universal Tensile Strength meter (UTS), Temperature, Moisture & Humidity instruments & analytical instruments.

We also have an in house application laboratory for testing the performances of our various products manufactured in our manufacturing unit.